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We are Department of Production and Design. The main subject of our activity is the manufacture and sale of high-end equipment for mechanical purification of waste water and water treatment. Our device has, for many years working in municipal, urban and industrial water treatment stations and sewage treatment plants. The area of our business in addition to facilities of municipal include factory water and wastewater management industries such as energy, steel, paper heating, chemical and petrochemical industry, dairying, food and vegetable food, meat processing industry, tanning, coke, etc.

Self-Cleaning Filter

The self-cleaning filter DYNAMIK DF is a pressureless device of constant work cycle adapted to the water and wastewater treatment processes. The device size adjustment as well as kind and quantity of filter bed ensure reduction of suspension, turbidity, colour, as well as iron, manganese compounds, ammonium ions and other normative values. The filter is used also for the final biological wastewater treatment.

Lamella Separator

Lamella Separator DF SLA/SLZ/SLW is a highly efficient multistream separator used in water and wastewater treatment processes, as well as for rinse water recovery from self-cleaning, pressure and gravitational filters. Lamella inserts, assembled under necessary angle, ensure separation of suspension from water or wastewater. The device is produced in three different types: SLA, SLZ, SLW.


Pressure Filtration Kit DF FP is designed for quick filtration. The selection of the filtration material ensures the unfailing work of the device with small investment costs. The device is provided in two versions: simplified – filtration tank, or complete – filtration tank with filtration bed.
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