Autosep Sand Trap DF SWB/SWP

Autosep Sand Trap DF SWB/SWP is a multifunctional mechanical sewage and industrial wastewater treatment device. The combination of compatible equipment components and small dimensions of the whole device make it an interesting alternative for the traditional solutions.

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Autosep Sand Trap DF SWB/SWP
The wastewater entering the device flow into the integrated loosening chamber from where they are transferred to the filtering segment, where solid parts are separated. Depending on the model, the screenings are held by:
SWB: slotted sieve drum with worm conveyor.
SWP: Fixed, cleaned perforated sieve with worm conveyor and sweeping brushes.

Screenings held by the sieve are transported up to the draining-compressing segment, where they are washed and drained. After, the wastewater without screenings is gravitationally transferred to the centrifugal sand trap assembled under the sieve, where it is aerated in order to support light solid matter and fat floatation.

The sand trap is integrated with the fat trap, from which the flotate is transported outside the device. Sand collected on the bottom is transferred through the draining worm conveyor.
Diagonal slotted drum sieve (SWB), perforated diagonal sieve (SWP)
Drum / perforation automatic cleaning system
Screenings cleaning and compressing system (option)
Screenings bagging system (option)
Centrifugal sand trap equipped with reverse mode worm conveyor
Fine-bubble wastewater aeration system (option)
Aeration fan (option)
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
Autosep Sand Trap DF SWBSWP-isometric-view-1
Autosep Sand Trap DF SWBSWP-isometric-view-2
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Product features

Modular device structures
Simplified structure (with preservation of full functionality) in comparison with conventional solutions based on horizontal sand traps
Solid contamination removal process hermetisation
Sand removal: 90-95% for grains > 0,2mm
Screenings drainage 20%-60%
Screenings weight reduction 30%-60%