Spiral Duct Sieve DF SSP/SSB

Spiral Duct Sieve DF SSP / DF SSB is used for mechanical separation of solid bodies contained in sewage and industrial wastewater. The sieve is assembled either in indoor or outdoor ducts systems. Depending on type selected it may be equipped with perforated filtration part or slotted rotary drum.

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Spiral Duct Sieve DF SSP/SSB
The wastewater flowing into the filtration part which consists of either perforated plate, or slotted drum sieve. The clearance applied is between 1,0-10,0mm which ensures efficient separation of screenings meeting the investor’s demand.
SSP: Screenings held on the perforated sieve are swept by the brushes integrated with worm conveyor. The contaminated material is then transported up where it is flushed and drained by the compressing-draining segment. The screenings are transferred outside the sieve through the discharge duct.

SSB: The filtering part is the slotted sieve assembled on rotary drum integrated with the worm conveyor. After achieving assumed contamination level the drum starts rotating and water-mechanical cleaning process commences simultaneously. The screenings held are dropped to the worm conveyor which transports them up where they are flushed and drained in compressing-draining segment. Transferring screenings outside the sieve is performed through the discharge duct.
Diagonal perforated sieve (SPP) or diagonal slotted drum sieve (SBB)
Worm conveyor assembled under angle of 30-45o, equipped with reverse motion mode
Drum / perforation clearance 1,0-10,0mm
Drum / perforation automatic cleaning system
Screenings cleaning and compressing system (option)
Power supply-control panel equipped with programmable driver
Screenings bagging system (option)
Ex version (option)
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
Spiral Duct Sieve DF SSPSSB-isometric-view-1
Spiral Duct Sieve DF SSPSSB-isometric-view-2
Spiral Duct Sieve DF SSPSSB-isometric-view-3
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Product features

Efficient solution even for very demanding wastewater
Adjustable to existing ducts
Solid contamination removal process hermetisation
Efficient elimination of solid bodies from wastewater
Screenings drainage in 20-60%
Screening weight reduction in 30-60%
Separated screenings organic content reduction
Low operation costs