The self-cleaning filter DYNAMIC DF

The self-cleaning filter DYNAMIC DF is a pressureless device of constant work cycle adapted to the water and wastewater treatment processes. The device size adjustment as well as kind and quantity of filter bed ensure reduction of suspension, turbidity, colour, as well as iron, manganese compounds, ammonium ions and other normative values. The filter is used also for the final biological wastewater treatment.

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Self-cleaning filter DYNAMIC DF
Raw water (wastewater, rinsing water) are poured into the device through the inlet stub pipe situated in upper part of shell and then directed to the distributors system which distribute the fluid in all the filter surface.

The fluid flowing upwards is mechanically cleaned by the filtration bed of grain size and height adjusted for the individual technological systems. The filtrate is transferred outside the device through the controlled overflow duct in the upper device part.

The contaminated sediment is gathered in the lower bed section and transferred by the air pump to the air-water wash bath. The patented structure solution of the wash bath ensures high bed cleaning efficiency with minimum cleaning water consumption.

The bed cleaning water is taken from the filtrate inside the device – so there is no need of installing any additional washing systems. The contaminated sand is intensively cleaned in the air-water wash bath labyrinth.

The rinsing water from the sand are directed outside, while cleaned sand drops to the upper bed layer. As a result, the sand bed is in constant movement down, and the water/wastewater treatment and sand cleaning processes happen simultaneously and constantly without a requirement of being controlled.
The innovative filtered fluid distribution system is equipped in the inspection plugs making possible periodic maintenance without necessity of removing bed from the device
The air pump used for contaminated bed transportation
Air-water sand wash bath
Power supply and control panel
Servicing bridge
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
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Product features

Continuous filtration with constant filtration bed cleaning
Highly efficient removal of suspension, turbidity, colour, as well as compounds of iron, manganese, ammonium ions and others
Reduction of suspension and BOD5 in the final wastewater treatment process
Possibility of nitrification and denitrification in order to remove nitrogen compounds from the wastewater (special version)
Unique, patented air-water sand wash bath structure
Compatibility with Lamella Separator
No need of automatic valves
Higher filtration layers
Pressureless device
The device used in contact coagulation systems
Elimination of “initial filtrate” losses
Minimum maintenance costs
No loose parts.
Hygienic Certificate