Screenings Press DF PU

The Wash Press is the device used for screenings flushing, draining, transporting and compressing. Washed away organic matter, as well as screenings weight and volume reduction has considerably decreases wastewater treatment plant operation costs preserving maximum level of environment protection.

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Screenings Press DF PU
Screenings charged to the cleaning zone are intensively flushed with water under pressure of 4 bar. Specially designed nozzles system supported by the automatic water mixing system, ensures efficient removal of organic matter and contamination weight reduction.

Cleaned screenings are then transported by the conveyor to the compressing-drainage block, from where they are directed to the discharge mechanism.

The whole process is automated, individual phases are adjusted to the screenings contamination level and to assumed technological result.
Worm conveyor coated with abrasion resistant plastic
Automatic screenings flushing system
Sequential water mixing system
Automatic permeate transfer system (option)
Power supply – control panel equipped with programmable driver (option)
Screenings bagging system (option)
Ex version (option)
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
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Screenings Press DF PU-isometric-view-2
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Product features

Screenings drainage between 40-80%
Screenings weight reduction between 40-80%
Separated screenings organic compounds reduction
Solid contamination removal process hermetisation
Transported screenings drainage and weight reduction
Water or cleaned wastewater flushing available
Economical maintenance