Vertical Pressureless Filter DF FPB

Vertical pressureless filter DF FPB is a device used for quick water filtration. Depending on filtration material chosen the device may be used for treatment of water with increased content of iron, manganese ammoniac as well as with suspension, turbidity and colour. Because of its tight structure, unlike traditional open filters, the device may filter ozonised water without increasing ozone condensation in the air around.

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Vertical Pressureless Filter DF FPB
Water is transferred to the filter through the upper stub pipe, form where it flows down to the filtration bed.

Fluid flowing downwards is cleaned by the filtration material. Selection of the filtration bed, its granulation, filtration layer thickness is dependent on water physical and chemical parameters, as well as on technological process implemented.

The filtrate release is carried out through the filtration nozzles. The filter may completely tight which makes it useful in the final ozonised water treatment process stage as a carbon filter.
Inlet, outlet, release, compressed air stub pipe (option)
Charging and inspection hatches
Filtration drainage pipes
Filtration bed (option)
Survey and control automated equipment and fittings (option)
Residual ozone destruction system (option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
Vertical Pressureless Filter DF FPB-isometric-view-1
Vertical Pressureless Filter DF FPB-isometric-view-2
Vertical Pressureless Filter DF FPB-isometric-view-3
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Product features

Removing suspension, turbidity, colour, as well as compounds of iron, manganese, ammonium ion and others
Wide range of used materials: stainless steel, painted or zinc coated engineering steel, chemically resistant materials
Plastic or stainless steel filtration nozzles with filtrating slit 0,2 or 0,5 mm wide
Low investment and maintenance costs
PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) certificate