Sand Wash DF PP

Sand Wash DF PP is used for washing away all kinds of organic and volatile contaminations from the sand provided from the sand trap or separator. Water or filtered wastewater based process ensures efficient reduction of organic matter contained in sand.

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The sand provided containing highly condensed organic and volatile matter flows into the mixing and sedimentation chamber equipped with slow motion mixer.

Washed sand is shovelled and mixed and water with compressed air flowing from the bottom flushes and carries away organic matter to the outlet stub pipe.

The programmable driver helps to adjust technological cycle parameters to the installation features. Flushing water and air is provided to the conical section and the sand washed away is collected from the lower hopper with worm conveyor. The sand is drained gravitationally during the transportation.
Cylindrical body connected with conical sedimentation segment
Slow motion mixing sweeper
Air-water flushing system
Accessible safety cover
Diagonal draining worm conveyor set under angle of 35-45º equipped with reverse motion mode
Power supply-control panel
Ex-version available (option)
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
Sand Wash DF PP-isometric-view-1
Sand Wash DF PP-isometric-view-2
Sand Wash DF PP-isometric-view-3
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Product features

Organic matter reduction from sand: max 99%
Sand drainage
Small size