Lamella Separator

Lamella Separator DF SLA/SLZ/SLW is a highly efficient multistream separator used in water and wastewater treatment processes, as well as for rinse water recovery from self-cleaning, pressure and gravitational filters. Lamella inserts, assembled under necessary angle, ensure separation of suspension from water or wastewater. The device is produced in three different types: SLA, SLZ, SLW.

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Raw water/wastewater/rinse water is poured into the flocculation tank, where quick and slow mixing processes occur. Thanks to the specially shaped internal surfaces, the optimal use of the reaction chamber is achieved.

The fluid is then gravitationally transferred to the separator chamber, where it is equally distributed to multiple streams flowing between the Lamella inserts. The contaminations sediment on packages surfaces and slip freely to the sedimentation tank bottom.

Inside the sedimentation section there is a rotary scraper which preliminarily condenses the sediment. The sludge is periodically drained from the device, automatically or manually. The cleaned fluid flows to the inflow channels located in the upper part of the device, from where it is transferred outside the separator. The sludge is cyclically removed depending on its volume.
SLA: device equipped with conic sediment collector (sludge scraper as an option)
SLZ: device equipped with cylindrical sediment collector (sludge scraper as a standard)
SLW: Lamella packages to be assembled in vertical and horizontal sedimentation tanks
Lamella packages are made of steel or plastic
Optionally, flocculation tank equipped with quick rotation mixing chamber (option) and slow rotation mixing chamber (standard)
Power supply – control panel
Servicing bridge
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
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Product features

Hydraulic load: 0,5/1,5m³/m²/h
90% surface saved in comparison to the classic horizontal sedimentation tank
50% investment cost decrease
Easy and quick assembling
Water/wastewater treatment high efficiency
Compatible with self-cleaning, pressure or gravitational filters
Adaptable to the existing types of sedimentation tanks. Low maintenance cost
Hygienic certificate