Pressure Filtration Kit DF FP

Pressure Filtration Kit DF FP is designed for quick filtration. The selection of the filtration material ensures the unfailing work of the device with small investment costs. The device is provided in two versions: simplified – filtration tank, or complete – filtration tank with filtration bed.

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Pressure Filtration Kit DF FP
Water is provided to the kit through the inlet stub pipe located in the upper part of shell, where from it is distributed equally on all the filtration bed surface.

The contaminations in water are held on the filtration material and cleaned fluid is transferred outside the device with lower stub pipe.

Filtration kit may be equipped either with drainage layers or pipes. The selection of filtration bed, its granulation and height depend on physical-chemical parameters of water. The kit may work either with single- and double-media bed.

Optionally the kit may be equipped with the “air-bubble supporting” system inside the device.
Inlet, outlet, release, compressed air (option) stub pipes
"Air-bubble support” system (option)
Inspection or charging stub pipe
Filtration drainage layers or pipes
Filtration bed (option)
Fittings (option)
Survey and control equipment (option)
Manometers (option)
Air release valve (option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
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Product features

Removal of suspension, turbidity, colour, as well as iron, manganese compounds, ammonium ions and others
Wide range of used materials: stainless steel, painted or zinc coated engineering steel, chemically resistant materials
Plastic or stainless steel filtration nozzles with filtrating slit 0,2 or 0,5 mm wide
Nominal pressure 6 bar or 10 bar (option)
Recognised and tested solutions
Low investment and maintenance costs
PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) certificate