Centrifugal Sand Trap DF PSK

Centrifugal Sand Trap DF PSK is used for separation of sand and solid bodies from wastewater with simultaneous holding of floating elements. Thanks to its highly efficient sand separation it constitutes a necessary component of every mechanical wastewater treatment system.

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Centrifugal Sand Trap DF PSK
The wastewater is provided through the inlet stub pipe to the ring assembled inside the device. Its oval shape makes the fluid circulate. The centrifugal motion and weight makes the sand and solid bodies of high specific weight drop down to the collection chamber bottom.

Wastewater and suspension flow to the device external part, from where they are transferred outside the sand trap through the stub pipe assembled on the shell. The fluid ring distribution system ensures high quality of sand separation process.

The sand trap is equipped with fine-bubble aeration system, which prevents sedimentation of organic matter and sand, as well as supports fat floatation process. Flotate filtration is carried out through the adjusted flow process. Water-sand pulp is transported from the collection chamber with submerged or air pump.
Cylindrical body connected with conical sedimentation segment
Internal separation ring
Fine-bubble wastewater aeration system (option)
Automatic flotate and fat filtration system (option)
Sand pulp air pump (standard) / sand pulp electric pump (option)
Power supply-control panel
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
Centrifugal Sand Trap DF PSK-isometric-view-1
Centrifugal Sand Trap DF PSK-isometric-view-2
Centrifugal Sand Trap DF PSK-isometric-view-3
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Product features

Sand removal: 90-98% for grains > 2,0mm
Fluid ring separation system
Less room required/small assembly space
Sand pulp organic compounds reduction
Flotate and fat filtration