Vertical Spiral Sieve DF SP

Vertical Spiral Sieve DF SP SBO is a device used for the mechanical separation of solid bodies from sewage or industrial wastewater. The sieve may be successfully used in installations where other solutions are impracticable because of insufficient room. Compact size makes the device perfect to be assembled in outdoor installations i.e wastewater pumping stations, collection stations or sewage pits.

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Vertical Spiral Sieve DF SP
The wastewater enter the device through the inlet chamber, where they get loosened and slowed down. The inlet chamber is also the emergency overflow in the event of excessive wastewater flow or power breakdown. The fluid flows to the cylindrical filtering basket, where sold bodies are separated.

The screenings held on the internal surface are removed by the sweeping brushes system assembled on the worm conveyor. The contamination is transported with worm conveyor to the upper segment of the device from where it is transferred to the discharge mechanism.

The sieve drive is automatically engaged with proper level of wastewater collected. The screenings are drained when transported and their weight is reduced thanks to compression-drainage block equipped with automatic flushing system. Extended knife gate valve pin enables operation without human presence in the sieve chamber.
Inlet chamber equipped with emergency overflow
Filtration basket of 1,0-10,0mm perforation
Worm conveyor equipped with reverse motion mode
Automatic perforation cleaning system
Power supply-control panel equipped with programmable driver
Screenings bagging system (option)
Ex version (option)
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
Vertical Spiral Sieve DF SP-isometric-view-1
Vertical Spiral Sieve DF SP-isometric-view-2
Vertical Spiral Sieve DF SP-isometric-view-3
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Product features

Less room necessary for assembling
Efficient elimination of solid bodies
Securing the pumps against damaging
Screenings drainage and weight reduction
Solid contamination removal process hermetisation
Low investment and operation costs