Flow Sieve DF BV/DV

Flow Sieve DF BV/DV is a device used for separation of biological reactor suspended bed blocks. Solid, faultless structure and simple maintenance make this device almost self-operating.

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Drum Sieve DF SB
The wastewater flows perpendicularly to the semi-round sieve, which holds the suspended bed blocks. The filtered fluid flows to further stage of biological treatment and blocks remain in the reactor chamber.

The perforated surface is constantly cleaned preserving the device hydraulic capacity. The controlled cleaning system is driven with motoreducer secured against weather conditions. Guides system enables easy and quick disassembly of the sweeper. The device is assembled on reactor wall in manner stopping the blocks from getting outside the tank.
Perforated filtering part of clearance adjusted to the suspended bed blocks
Automatic cleaning-sweeping system
Supporting structure equipped with guides enabling easy and quick disassembly of the sweeper. Motoreducer secured against weather conditions
Ex version (option)
Winter package enabling outdoor installation of the device, system operated through signals from two autonomic thermostats (as an option)
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
Flow Sieve DF BVDV-isometric-view-1
Flow Sieve DF BVDV-isometric-view-2
Flow Sieve DF BVDV-isometric-view-3
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Product features

Biological reactor suspended bed blocks separation system
Adjustable cleaning-sweeping system
Low investment and maintenance costs