Multifunctional Vertical Pressure Filter DF FPW

Multi functional Vertical pressure filter DF FPB is a device used for rapid water filtration. Unique structure dividing filter in two autonomic chambers makes two stages of filtration possible in one device.

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Multifunctional Vertical Pressure Filter DF FPW
Water is transferred to the filter through the upper stub pipe, form where it is equally distributed on the filtration bed. Filtration process is carried out in the same manner as in the traditional pressure filter, where water flows down through the filtration material being mechanically cleaned in the same time.

Filtrate outflow after first treatment stage is carried through the stub pipe located in lower end cap, where preliminarily cleaned water is supplied through an inflow to the second chamber, where it is transported up through the filtration bed.

Treated water is transferred through the duct located in the filtration chamber upper part. Both, filtration and flushing, are automatically regulated. Valves regulation and switching sequences are controlled by the control module provided together with the device.
The tank equipped with two autonomic filtration chambers
Individually selected filtration bed, depending on treated water physical and chemical parameters
Set of automatically controlled valves
Air valves
Power supply-control panel with control module and wiring
Material: stainless steel. Other materials may be used on demand
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Product features

Patented in Polish Republic Patent Office unique solution enabling two stages of filtration in single device
Autonomic flushing of each chamber if required
Option of simultaneous filtration in both chambers
Integrated filter control system
Ergonomic structure in comparison with traditional filtration systems
Removing suspension, turbidity, colour, as well as iron, manganese, ammonium ion and others
Pipelines system simplification
Purchase and maintenance cost decrease in comparison with two adequate separate traditional filters